West Michigan Crane Rental

Grand Rapids Crane

Is West Michigan’s premier crane rental company. Our new 40 ton Elliot crane is operated by CCO certified personnel. With a reach of 210 vertical feet, flexible boom and manned basket we have the equipment to get the job done right. Whether you need a cell tower installed, wind energy equipment hoisted, or general construction lifting, we’re here for you. We offer upfront full and half day pricing. Grand Rapids Crane is local, responsive, and ready to lift.

Sign and Netting Repair Service

We offer fast and accurate sign installation and maintenance for your establishment. Our 197’ crane is operated by CCO certified professionals to provide you with meticulous attention to all of your sign needs. Proper repair and maintenance is vital to the integrity of your business. We install and service signage for businesses, schools, churches, gas stations, theaters, and many more! Call us now and our trusted team will arrive ready to address any and all of your signage needs.

Install, repair, or replace your sign or lettering
Repair or rehang safety netting
Update sign to reflect new services to offer
Add clever phrases to entice customers
Correct misspelled words or incorrect grammar

Emergency Services

Unexpected damage? Whether it’s caused by weather, animals, vandalism, or simple aging, GR Crane will repair or replace your sign or netting quickly to keep your establishment safe and looking great! Call GR Crane and our crew will arrive on site within 24-48 hours.

  • 40 ton Elliot Crane

    Hydraulic truck-mounted crane

  • 210ft Vertical Reach

    With boom and basket

  • Construction Lifting

    General lifting, cell towers, and wind energy

  • Sign Services

    Marquees, sign installation, removal, and maintenance

  • Emergency Services

    Fix damage from: weather, animals, vandalism, and aging